Board Of Directors

2016 Lisa Weaver 2

Lisa Weaver (Madison Mennonite)


Arman Habegger, President-elect

Arman Habegger (Grace Mennonite)


Carrie Mast, Secretary

Carrie Mast (First Mennonite Bluffton)


Roger Nafziger, Treasurer

Roger Nafziger (Eighth Street Mennonite)


Carol Lehman, Mbr-at-large

Carol Lehman (Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship)


Tim Lind

Tim Lind (Florence Church of the Brethren-Mennonite)


Marlene Steiner Suter, Mbr-at-large

Marlene Steiner Suter (Columbus Mennonite)


The Board of Directors manages the affairs of Central District Conference.  This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Serves as custodians, or investors, of surplus or reserve funds  
  • Meets as needed to consider and act upon Conference matters that need attention between Conference sessions  
  • Fills vacancies as they occur in the Conference organization or on committees and boards  
  • Keeps informed of the various phases of the work of Conference and its auxiliary organitztions with a view of correlating and facilitating those activites in such ways as may be feasible  
  • Appoints auditors to audit the books of the Conference and its auxiliaries  
  • Has general superivision of the publication work, and appoints to editor of the Conference publication  
  • Determines the size, nature, frequency, and appearance of the Conference publication, subject to the approval of the Conference
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