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2017 CDC Sunday Resources

The mission of Central District Conference is to know Christ’s abundant love in who we are and how we live, and to answer God’s persistent call to share that love with one another and the world.

Annually, CDC leadership invites congregations to identify one Sunday as CDC Sunday as a way to:

  • Celebrate our sense of identity as Mennonite followers of Jesus beyond the local congregation
  • Communicate that we are a community of congregations who support and learn from one another
  • Deepen our discipleship as congregations and as a conference

We invite your congregation to build upon these broader relationships by celebrating “Central District Sunday” on February 5, 2017. If that date doesn’t work for you, please consider another date early in the year

This packet (attached) of resources and materials are provided to assist in the planning of a CDC Sunday service.  Please choose what might be helpful to your congregation.  The essay on The Lord’s Supper is a theologically thoughtful resource that engages the broader discussion in our churches about sexual violence and abuse.

Abounding in Love, Abiding in Grace is our biennial theme and will guide our worship and conversations at our Annual Meeting on June 22-24, 2017 in Bluffton, OH.  As we prepare for our worship and work together in June, we invite congregations to reflect and meditate on John 15:1-17.  Jesus again and again invites us to abide in his love and grace.

Abounding in Love. . .Abiding in Grace Order of Worship

Essay on the Lord’s Supper

Grapes Coloring Page

Children’s Activity Sheets

Children’s Bulletin

Joseph Stuckey Monologue

Central District Conference Congregations Slide Show

Journeys with God: a biblical curriculum from MEA. The aim of the curriculum is to invite children to become part of the biblical story. Listening to and participating in the stories of God’s people helps children build a firm foundation for faithful living as they move from shared/experiential faith toward a  more mature and owned faith. The curriculum is designed to help children gain a sense of the Bible as a whole and how the Biblical narrative interacts with their lives.

Radical Hospitality: Responding to the Issue of Immigration – Bible study from MC USA

Spiritual Direction – MC USA Spiritual Directors List

Great Lakes Regional Mennonite Spiritual Directors has an active Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/GreatLakesMennoSDs/) and is one of three regional groups within the Mennonite Spiritual Directors Network (MSDN, http://mennosdnetwork.weebly.com/).

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